The Art Of The Blue Bottle Pour Over

The Art Of The Blue Bottle Pour Over

Easy as well as revelatory, the put over mixtures a tasty cup of coffee that is more clear, cleaner, and more essentially itself. This video clip reveals the strategies as well as brewing procedure made use of by Blue Container baristas in each of our coffee shops.

For more information about our favorite mixture methods as well as shop barista tools check out

The Barista Tools We Love
Blue Bottle Dripper
Blue Bottle Filters
Gram scale with timer
Burr mill
Swan neck kettle

The Four Pours Start Time Total Water Weight
1. Flower Pour O: OO 40g/60g (Single Origins/blends).
2. 2nd Pour O:4 O 150g.
3. Third Pour 1:1 O 250g.
4. 4th Pour 1:4 O 350g.


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