How To Brew A Chocolate Coffee Stout! | Grain To Glass

How To Brew A Chocolate Coffee Stout! | Grain To Glass

This is a favorite of mine: A delicious chocolate coffee stout. As constantly, I’ll cover the brew, fermentation and tasting of the beer. To get the wanted flavors, I made a wonderful stout and also included some coffee as well as cacao nibs in second. The result was 6.1% ABV and 44 IBUs. The coffee addition led to a little additional anger, as well as I believe this could have been enhanced by adding dark roast as opposed to light roast coffee. The delicious chocolate character however was outstanding. This was a good beer that I would enjoy to brew again eventually.
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Below is a list of my devices since recording this video and also where you can get it for on your own!
Pot – MegaPot 1.2 10 gallon Stainless Steel Kettle –
Old Kettle – Brewers Best 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle –
Hydrometer –
Racking Cane/Siphon –
Tubes –
Container Fermenter –
7 gallon PET Carboy –
Bottling Bucket –
Hand Capper –
Brew bag –
12 oz brown containers –
Yeast starter flask –
Stir Plate –
Plastic 3 gallon carboy –
Glass 3 gallon carboy –
Wort refrigerator –
Benchtop capper –
HotRod Heat Stick –
Spoon –

Not exactly sure if you desire to brew 5 gallons of beer at one time? Get your feet damp in the hobby like I performed with this 1 gallon kit –

All money made via the channel goes back right into the videos and also brews you see on my channel. As constantly, don’t simply take my word for it, do your research prior to you choose to get.

The 75% brewhouse effectiveness BIAB dish for 5.5 girl into the fermenter is below, along with the web links to get these components from Amazon if you wish, however know they will not be as fresh as if you purchased them face to face from your LHBS:

” Hello Darkness my Old Friend”

6.1% ABV 44 IBU

14 lb UK Pale 2-row –
1 lb Carafa III –
1 lb Crystal 60L –
1 pound Chocolate Malt –
0.5 lb Black Barley –

Solitary Infusion mash at 154 F for 60 min

Water (ppm) – Ca: 52, Mg: 8, Na: 65, SO4: 72, Cl: 115, HCO3: 55

Sodium bicarbonate:
Calcium Chloride:
Calcium Carbonate:
Campden Tablets:

60 minutes boil:
60 minutes – Add 1.5 oz Northern Brewer (9.9% AA) –
15 min – Add refrigerator, yeast nutrient – Yeast Nutrient –

OG: 1.074

2 packages Lallemand Nottingham Ale dry yeast –

Ferment 65-68 F for 10-14 days, then cool crash and also add 1 oz blend of chilly and hot brewed coffee + 4 oz Cacao nibs and also store for 4-5 days

Cacao Nibs:

FG: 1.028


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