Brewing Coffee With Thin Air | Wärtsilä

Brewing Coffee With Thin Air | Wärtsilä

Envision lowering exhausts simply by breathing– with creative thinking, collaboration and technology, we have actually made it possible. Finnish companies, Wärtsilä, Soletair Power and Q Power are showcasing Power-to-X (P2X) modern technology at the World Expo in Dubai 2021– 2022, where the P2X trial system catches carbon dioxide out of the interior air and makes synthetic carbon neutral gas (methane) out of it.
Wärtsilä is a worldwide leader in wise innovations as well as complete lifecycle solutions for the aquatic and power markets. By stressing lasting innovation, overall performance and also information analytics, Wärtsilä increases the financial as well as environmental performance of the vessels as well as nuclear power plant of its customers.

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